On Christmas night, a severe storm in South East Queensland tore through the area, leading to a power outage at Able’s Jimboomba site.

On Boxing Day, Victoria Barrett (Able’s Logan River Valley/South Coast Team Leader) visited the Jimboomba site to inspect damage and had to transfer all the Meals on Wheels food product into our chest freezers and then cover them with ice until a generator could be secured from the State Emergency Service (SES) later that afternoon.

Allison Sutcliffe (Able’s Allocation Officer) also visited the site to cut up and clear fallen trees to facilitate vehicle access to the site with the assistance of her husband.

Victoria offered to cancel her leave and generously brought her own generator to assist the SES generator, saving many of the important meals for vulnerable community members that use our Meals on Wheels program.

Victoria would run the generators for a couple of hours twice a day outside due due to the carbon monoxide produced from the petrol fuel.

Fortuitously, the team also has a sizable amount of canned stock for those vulnerable clients who will seek to access our food pantry.

A huge thank you and well done to our team in Queensland! In times of adversity, the team has stepped up and done an amazing job at putting our clients first. 

Image Description: From left to right, an image on the left is of the tree branches that had fallen outside the Jimbooba site. An image of food products in a ice-box covered in ice packs. A photo of 6 ice-box coolers in the Jimbooba site.

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