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Able Australia is a leading provider of disability services and community supports helping adults and seniors to live the life they choose.  We have been proudly supporting our clients reach their full potential for over 50 years and provide services in Melbourne, Tasmania, ACT and South East Queensland.


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Latest News.

Red and White Smart Beetle Braille Machine

Technology Acts as a 'Lifeline' for those with Deafblindness.

Heather and Michelle are deafblind. With the support of Able Australia and Ablelink, our digital literacy hub, they have used technology to maintain their independence. ABC News have published an article on the use of technology at Ablelink, and how it has changed lives for Able Australia clients.


A Sudsational Idea.

Sharon, a client of Able Australia, showed resilience and ingenuity when faced with a significant life change. After being made redundant from her job of 15 years Sharon, together with her Able Australia support worker Kaii, set about finding something new to do. Sharon decided to learn how to make scented and unscented natural soaps.

Able client Ross holding an iPhone in his left hand and smiling.

Mobile Phone Donation Rings Through Able Australia.

Ablelink is Able Australia’s e-communications program. Ablelink incorporates a drop-in centre, extensive training and state-of-the-art adaptive communication technologies to help clients develop digital literacy skills that help them remain in regular contact with family and friends.


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