Positive Behaviour Support 

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Able’s Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) team supports clients with complex needs and dual diagnosis, including sensory, psychosocial, intellectual and physical impairments.

Positive Behaviour Support is a client-centred, evidence-based framework which can be used when a client is placing themselves or others at risk of harm. Positive Behaviour Support is about uncovering the reason or function behind a behaviour, and using this to provide strategies, skills and other ways to support the person with a disability and those in their network.

Our Positive Behaviour Support team are highly trained in skills teaching, reducing restrictive practices, and supporting staff and loved ones.

Our Positive Behaviour Support practitioners provide a number of services, including consultations, behaviour support planning and staff training. Behaviour support and training will be billed according to the NDIS Price Guide, if you require a quote or would like supports please submit an enquiry below.

We offer Positive Behaviour Support services in Melbourne, and now in Queensland.

Positive Behaviour Support Services 

Initial consultation – (10 hours)

You may choose this option if you have between 10-15 behaviour support hours in your NDIS plan, and would like to get a behaviour support plan in the future. A Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner will meet with you and your supports and gather information to understand more about your needs. This includes reviewing documentation and interviewing/observing you and your support team.  We will provide you with a letter of recommendation. The letter  will outline evidence for further behavior support funding and other Allied Health supports you need. This letter can be written at any stage of the process if further funding is needed.

This consultation will not include an interim Behaviour Support Plan (BSP) (requires 20-25 hours of funding), or a Comprehensive BSP (requires a further 35-40 hours after an Interim plan has been completed).

Interim Behaviour Support Plan including Functional Behaviour Analysis (20-25 hours)

After the client, their environment and behaviour is monitored and recorded for a set period of time, our Positive Behaviour Support Practitioners will analyse this data and develop a draft Interim Behaviour Support Plan. After getting feedback from you and your supports, we will finalise the plan and submit it to the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Commission (if it includes restrictive practices). This plan will form the basis of the Comprehensive BSP which should be completed within 6 months of initial consultation or when further funds are made available.

An interim BSP includes preventative, environmental and response strategies to support staff when managing behaviours of concern. It also includes a restrictive practices schedule as required by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.

Comprehensive Behaviour Support Plan (35 – 40 hours)

An interim BSP is needed in order to develop a Comprehensive Behaviour Support Plan. A Comprehensive Behaviour Support Plan expands on the interim Behaviour Support Plan. It will include a motivational assessment which helps to inform strategies and helps in the development of skills teaching programs. It also includes replacement behaviors for the behavior of concern and a fade out plan for restrictive practices. The staff support team will be offered a training session by one of our Positive Behaviour Support Practitioners on how to implement the plan in a safe and effective way to help you achieve your NDIS goals.

To track, record and analyse the effectiveness of interventions used, further behaviour support hours are recommended. Behaviours change over time, and continuing to review the effectiveness of strategies will ensure the best outcomes. This is integral in ensuring continued success in positive behaviour support.

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