Day Programs

Able Australia’s day programs include our day centres in Tasmania and Melbourne, as well as therapy programs running in Melbourne.

Centre-based Programs.

Able provides daily programs throughout the week that are focused around centre-based, group activities that encourage individual participation and choice and have a key focus on person-centred support.

Our flexible, highly skilled staff ensure your needs of social interaction, safety, personal care and overall enjoyment are fully met. We promote independence and seek to support you in developing a variety of social and life skills.

We will support you to improve skills such as road safety, using public transport, positive communication, money and food handling and using technology.

Therapy Programs.

Creative Arts Therapy is based on the belief that creative expression within a therapeutic context supports change in a person’s inner world and helps them develop a more integrated sense of self.

Art Therapy.

Art is a non-verbal method of communication and can support people with alternative communication styles to access mental health support. The program offers individuals and groups the opportunity to be creative in a safe and welcoming environment.

Disability Services Day Program Client and Carer

Both therapy programs can be run either in a group or one-on-one setting and include consultancy, assessment and evaluation of your individual needs.

Download the Day Programs information sheet