Deafblind Services

Established over 50 years ago as a provider of supports to the deafblind community, Able Australia are experts in the field of dual sensory loss and impairment.

We can work with you in Melbourne to identify your support requirements and provide the resources you need to reach to your goals. Our team of trained professionals can provide you assistance in a number of areas, both socially and with your individual needs.

We understand the requirements of those with deafblindness and have programs specifically designed for people with dual sensory loss or impairment. Our team and facilities provide you a safe and comfortable space to meet others, work toward your goals and encourage independence when engaging in the wider community.

We will:

  • Support you to build confidence participating in social and community activities.
  • Provide recreation activities specifically designed for those with deafblindness for you to be involved in.
  • Assist you in your day-to-day routine and to help fulfil your daily needs, such as shopping, banking and attending appointments.
  • Support you to make informed choices through specialist Support Coordination.

Digital Literacy for Deafblind

The ability to maintain and create personal and community connections is key to preventing isolation and encouraging independence and social inclusion.

Through our unique e-communications program, Ablelink, we will provide you with personalised technology assessments and training to develop your digital literacy skills so you can remain in regular contact with family and friends.

Adaptive technology is equipment that is used to modify conventional computers to enable people with deafblindness and dual-sensory impairment to operate them. Ablelink provides you with expert tuition in the use of these adaptive technologies.

We can support you to use:

  • Voice synthesizers to increase communication.
  • Zoom functions to increase visual accessibility on conventional computers.
  • Braille terminals to translate digital text to a Braille output display.
  • Screen readers.

You will be supported to access the Internet, access your emails, communicate with friends, join social clubs, shop online, access information locally, nationally and globally, and pursue your digital interests.

Support Coordinator

We recognise that it can be challenging to navigate the NDIS and put together an individual plan. Our support coordinators assist you to navigate your plan and work with you to find the most appropriate service and provider.

You and your support coordinator work closely to identify needs, personalise supports and make sure you are matched with the right services. Along the way, we support you to develop the skills and confidence you need to independently manage your NDIS plan.

To ensure you are continually receiving the best support, we check in from time to time to assess whether goals are being achieved and whether any changes or adjustments are needed.

During our Support Coordination meetings, we will:

  • Identify services that meet your individual needs.
  • Coordinate service providers and support.
  • Liaise with government agencies.
  • Organise the manner and timing of supports, including service agreements and obtain quotes for services.
  • Source suitable accommodation and respite options.
  • Link you into work or other community activities.
  • Coordinate health and medical specialists.
  • Implement and monitor your NDIS plan or re-develop your goals prior to a plan review.