10 August 2018.

What do you get when you combine the Able Australia Launceston Lifestyle Choices Program and Young Adult Program (YAP)?

The North Pole in North Tasmania, complete with falling snow!

Okay… Maybe it wasn’t real snow – but the bubble machine did well to give that illusion during the Christmas in July celebration.

Clients and staff from the programs celebrated together on 27 July, with handmade Christmas decorations from the YAP team giving the centre a jolly makeover. Both Lifestyle Choices and the Young Adult Program run year-round to give clients the opportunity to partake in community and centre-based activities that promote independence, choice and control. YAP is designed for clients between 14 and 30 years of age.

The pass the parcel, karaoke, table tennis and dancing that filled the afternoon were so irresistible, even Santa showed up! Launceston Area Manager Bryce channelled Father Christmas himself and was joined by colleague Ainslie in her own Christmas outfit. Lachlan manned the popcorn machine, biscuits with dip were served, along with jelly cups, crisps, soft drinks – and for healthy measure, a platter of fruit.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Christmas’ celebration, even with the rain pouring outside – only 5 months until the sunny December one.