23 July 2018.

Colin was born in Lowood, Queensland 86 years ago. Lowood ‘born and bred’, Colin loves the land, says his cattle are his passion and he rarely leaves Lowood at all.
This year, things started to change. Colin joined Able Australia’s social outings group in Lowood.

Initially, Colin was a transport client, signing up as the result of a longstanding friendship with volunteer driver Leon. Before long, Leon recommended Colin join the social outings program as well. Able’s social outings run regularly and give clients the chance to meet new people, have new experiences and travel to areas they may otherwise never visit.

In April, the group ventured to Redcliffe on the eastern coast, 100km from Colin’s home. Throughout the day, everyone explored and took in the sights together. It was the first time Colin had ever seen the ocean. With a tear in his eye, Colin reflected on that day as being one of the best and happiest days of his life.

Since then, Colin has experienced many firsts with Able – eating fresh seafood, seeing high rise buildings and even riding in an elevator.

Colin says Able Australia has changed his life for the better and he looks forward to each trip and new experience.