5 August 2018.

Every week, stadiums across Australia are met with roaring crowds and excited anticipation. AFL is one of Australia’s most popular sports, and it’s a long-time love of Able client Colin.

For over 10 years, Colin has been a diehard Richmond Football Club fan. Club hats, memberships, shirts, jerseys – you name it, Colin has it. Every weekend, Colin and his housemates gather around the TV at their home in Melbourne to watch the games. Throughout both the Tigers’ high and low seasons, Colin has stuck by their side. Joined by the Able staff who support him at home, Colin has been getting to as many of the Richmond day games as he can.

As of June, Colin’s next step was to start attending Richmond’s Friday and Saturday night games as well as the afternoon matches.

Getting to night games became a goal for both Colin and for the staff that support him. The team worked towards organising a roster of care that would allow Colin to get to these games, and on 3 August, Colin was there to hear the starting siren ring at 7:50pm, and witness Richmond’s triumphant win over Hawthorn.

Kicking goals!