At Able Australia, we continue enrich the quality of life of residents of aged care homes who are socially isolated or lonely through our Community Visitors Scheme (CVS). It also helps establish links between people living in aged care homes and their local community.

Trish (in the image below to the left pictured with one of her residents) is one of our very special Community Visitor volunteers (shown in the image to the right with one of her residents).

Vi (in the image to the right) is one of the lovely residents Trish visits in the Aged Care Home.

Trish is always coming up with creative ideas to get the residents she visits involved in craft projects.

Trish says “At first, Vi was a bit hesitant in trying a new skill such as painting but, through encouragement and persistence she persevered. As she painted each petal I could see the smile on her face grow wider. During the class we talked about food, family, life, and her beautiful collection of earrings.

Once she finished her flower she was so proud of herself she said to me “You have no idea how much your companionship and these classes have helped me, please don’t stop.” Her feedback brought a tear to my eye.”

It is a lovely moment captured and shows just how important the work our community visitors do providing companionship. Our Community Visitors brighten the lives of very isolated residents and the gift of their time has a huge impact on the lives of the residents in the aged care homes. Learn more about Trish and our Community Visitors Scheme here. 

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