In light of R U OK Day on 9 September, Able Australia sent each of our 730 staff around Australia a special care pack. We used the care packs as an opportunity for our people leaders to check in with staff about their mental wellbeing, which is especially important during this time of COVID-19 restrictions and uncertainty.

These care packs were made possible by a number of kind and generous organisation’s that donated items for the packs. We reached out across our networks and, as a result, an incredible $30,000 worth of items were donated to us. This included lip balms, face mists, hand creams, facemasks and more pampering products for our staff.

Our marketing and engagement team spent six hours putting together the personalised packs, and getting our teams to distribute these to their staff.

A huge thank you to Hesta, Carmex, Dermal Therapy, Kobayashi Healthcare, Sukin Natural, Twinings, Bioderma, Six Degrees Executive Recruitment and We are Savvy for their support. These wonderful organisations have enabled us to show our appreciation toward our workers who support people with disability during this last year of COVID-19. Their generosity has made an incredible difference which we are so grateful for.

Staff have come back with comments such as:

“This was what I needed – just to know that my work every day is seen and valued”

“I love what I do. The last year has been exhausting and it was great to be thanked for the work we do”

“It was great to get a bag of goodies, made me feel appreciated”

We even managed some media attention in the form of a good news story in recognition for the work disability workers are doing. Click here to read the article about Able in the Canberra Times.

Below are some photos of our staff receiving their care packs, along with a photo of one of our lovely client in ACT who helped distribute the packs to her support workers to say thank you, and a photo of our Marketing and Engagement team putting together the packs.

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