Clients Eric and Craig love to cook and help others! So over the past few months, Able staff have been supporting Eric and Craig to attend the Gagebrook Community Centre to participate in their Fast Foodies program.

The Fast Foodies program is run by volunteers who cook meals, relishes, jams and chutneys for the Waterbridge Community Pantry which are then sold at a low-cost to members of the public.

Eric and Craig expressed that they’d love to get involved. With the support of Able staff, Eric and Craig volunteer every Tuesday to help prepare and cook these meals.

The volunteers at the Gagebrook Community Centre have been extremely welcoming and supportive to Eric, Craig, and the Able staff.

Eric and Craig both have a passion for cooking and helping others and volunteering brings them both a sense of accomplishment. Eric and Craig were also very excited to complete their food safety certificate through the program.

We are so happy to be able to support our clients like Eric and Craig to explore their passions and reach their goals.

Below is a photo of Eric who is holding his certificate, and a photo is Craig, Eric and an Able staff gathered around a table cooking meals for the program.

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