Digital Literacy for Deafblind

The ability to maintain and create personal and community connections is key to preventing isolation and encouraging independence and social inclusion.

Through our unique e-communications program, we will provide you with personalised technology assessments and training to develop your digital literacy skills so you can remain in regular contact with family and friends.

Adaptive technology is equipment that is used to modify conventional computers to enable people with deafblindness and dual-sensory impairment to operate them. We provide expert tuition in the use of these adaptive technologies.

We can support you to use:

  • Voice synthesizers to increase communication.
  • Zoom functions to increase visual accessibility on conventional computers.
  • Braille terminals to translate digital text to a Braille output display.
  • Screen readers.

You will be supported to access the Internet, access your emails, communicate with friends, join social clubs, shop online, access information locally, nationally and globally, and pursue your digital interests.