In honour of Volunteer Week (16-22 May 2022), we would love to share an inspiring story about our client, Rebecca. Rebecca is 25 years old and has been volunteering at the local Salvos store for the past 4 months.

Able staff have supported Rebecca to get workplace experience and try new things that interest her. She began at The Salvos after many successful visits last year. Rebecca is mainly supported by her support worker Yen. Yen has seen massive development in Rebecca’s employability skills since she began volunteering. Rebecca now feels more independent.

A typical day for Rebecca involves her arriving at her Able Day Service at 9am. From there she follows her very particular morning routine. This begins with unpacking her belongings and putting them in their spots. Rebecca will take a tram to The Salvos store where she spends approximately one hour completing tasks such as organising the DVDs, which she particularly enjoys.

Rebecca is hard of hearing and relies heavily on visual aids and people’s expressions to make sense of the situation. Staff support Rebecca to make choices about her daily routine and what she would like to do.

We can’t wait to see what else Rebecca accomplishes in the future!

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