From May 16 – 22 is National Volunteer Week. National Volunteer Week (NVW) is Australia’s largest annual celebration of volunteering, and is held from 16 – 22 May 2022.

At Able, we have around 120 amazing volunteers who give up their time to support vulnerable members of the community in Queensland. Our volunteers help is so many ways, such as through our Emergency Relief services, community transport, social inclusion programs for seniors and much more.

All of our volunteers make a significant and positive impact to the community and we are so grateful for their commitment and dedication to improving the quality of life of our clients.

Below are quotes from some of our amazing volunteers in Queensland, on how volunteering has changed their life, and the lives of those they support.

“During my working life I was a real people person and enjoy face to face interaction. Since retiring in 2020 and after an extensive stint in hospital, I missed the interaction outside of family members. Volunteering filled this void for me and provided residents in nursing homes with sought after visitors”

Mike – Community Visitor Volunteer (and a great grandfather and grandfather of 12)

“I love volunteering and helping others. It warms my heart when I see the look of joy on our clients faces when they are able to create something beautiful with my help”

Diana – Community Visitor Volunteer

“I enjoy being a community visitor because it is truly soul fulfilling. The genuine relationships I’ve made, the wisdom that my residents have bestowed upon me, I will cherish forever! The greatest gift you can give someone is your time, I’m honoured that they share some of their time with me.”

Ellice  -Community Visitor Volunteer

“I enjoy being a friend who is interested in their well-being and I like to share a laugh together! We have found some common interests which makes it easy to spend some time in their company”

Janet – Community Visitor Volunteer

“I love volunteering as a community visitor as it is such a valuable experience for my residents. One conversation or one smile can create lasting memories which can change a resident’s outlook on their day. Companionship is a beautiful thing, it fosters friendship, resilience and defies loneliness. If I can provide that to my resident’s for even 1 second of each visit it is worth it to me”

Trish – Community Visitor Volunteer

“I genuinely love our senior community. I love them talking to me about when they were younger, the history, their stories and how life has changed. I love listening to the stories of how families helped each other and the way of life back then. The residents are so humble and grateful for the companionship I provide. I just love my friends that I visit”

Lesley – Community Visitor Volunteer

“During COVID, loneliness increased dramatically in the homes often with residents restricted to their rooms due to outbreaks. The residents really look forward to seeing us and the craft activities. Residents brighten my week, I love seeing their smiles and the happiness our visits bring”

Sandra – Community Visitor Volunteer

“We have a great laugh together and reminisce about the good old days”

David – Community Visitor Volunteer

We thank all our volunteers for the incredible support that they provide to create better days, every day for the people in the community.

Below are photos of some of our lovely volunteers. From left to right: volunteer Diana and resident Pauline, resident Vi and volunteer Trish, volunteer Lesley and resident, and volunteer Ellice.

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