Meet Arthur! Before 2016, Arthur had a goal of becoming as independent as possible, he lived by himself and felt anxious and unsafe.

In 2016, Arthur made the big decision to move into a supported home. Arthur chose an Able Australia Supported home in Tasmania to live and he hasn’t looked back.

Since being supported by Able, Arthur has achieved many goals. In July 2018, Arthur passed his driving learners test on the first attempt. In September that same year, he decided to open another bank account so he could save some money for a car. In July 2019, Arthur passed his provisional drivers test on the first attempt. Having a passion for cars, he rewarded himself by buying his first car – a Toyota Corolla. This was a very proud moment for Arthur and his support team.

In October of 2019, Arthur joined the workforce and started his new job as an evening Office Cleaner. This was a huge step for Arthur in gaining even more independence. To develop his skills even further, Arthur started doing volunteer gardening work, which has now turned into regular paid employment.

In September 2020, Arthurs father sadly passed away. This was a difficult time for Arthur, but with help from his peers and Able staff, he was able to navigate himself through this challenging period

Since October 2017, Arthur has been on a journey to achieve his goal of gaining full responsibility of his finances. In April 2020, he had a review which could show that he was successfull saving up for his car and paying car insurance and maintenance without the Public Trustees assistance. In April of 2021, Arthur was granted full control of his accounts and financial situation, no longer needing support from the Public Trustee’s. Obtaining full control of his finances has been a massive achievement, and one that Arthur is very proud of. Arthur has continued to manage his savings account and all of his finances.

With many new skills under his belt, and a regular income, Arthur bought another car in September 2022 – a late model Holden Cruise. “I’m proud that I was able to pay for it outright” says Arthur.

Arthur truly represents that with the right supports, you can achieve any goal you set your mind to.

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