Meet Eric! Eric is an Able Australia client who has a real interest and flair for design.

Eric’s latest creation is this amazing cardboard mock-up of a restaurant with a pool! He started his creation by firstly drawing up a number of blueprints by hand for the restaurant prior to commencing construction.

Eric collaborated with two of his support workers, Trudi and Charlotte, to iron out the finer design details. Trudi suggested the idea of adding wallpaper to the restaurant walls. Eric loved this concept, explaining that he wanted fish on display in his restaurant and an abundance of seating! However, after careful consideration of COVID-19 restrictions, a compromise was made to have just two tables to ensure social distancing measures could be in place in his mock-up design.

After the completion of the restaurant early in the week, Eric went on to draw up plans for a swimming pool, because what restaurant doesn’t need a swimming pool! With the assistance of his support workers, Eric visited craft stores to gather more materials. He then added this to what was already on hand in the art room, and then went on to complete his new addition.

Well done to Eric for this amazing and beautiful artwork!

Below is a collage of Eric with his friend and art creation: