At Able Australia, we offer students an opportunity to learn from our experienced support workers, staff members and managers on how to provide high quality person-centred support to people with disability. We want to ensure that people with disability are heard, valued and live the life they choose with the support that they need. One way we achieve this is by taking on board a number of TAFE students who complete placement twice a year with Able.

The TAFE students do 120 hours of placement in either our supported homes or our day support programs in Tasmania. Their role is to observe and interact with our clients and to assist when requested by staff. The students are also required to administer medication with the help and surveillance of Able staff.

Once the students have finished their placements and are examined by our senior managers, some will be offered an interview for employment at Able Australia.

Some of the students who completed their placement with Able said that “the new houses  were like no houses they had seen before” that “they are beautiful and feel like a real home and the clients are so proud of where they live”. The students are expressed that “found the homes a great place to work”.

We love taking on hard working students and helping them to increase their knowledge and reach their full potential.

Below are photos of a few of our outstanding former placement students who have been offered a position at Able!

The image below is of Trudi Burr and client, Aaron Pitcher.  Trudi is a previous student who completed her placement during 2020. She is now a disability support worker with the Lifestyle Choices Team in Hobart. Our client Aaron Pitcher receives support from the Able Australia Lifestyle Choices Team from Monday to Friday. Aaron loves getting out into the local Community which is what he was doing in this photo below, posing with some cool street art he found with Trudi!

The photo below is of former student Sam Boucher (right) who completed his placement with Able in 2020 and has recently joined the team as a disability support worker. In this photo, Sam and client Eric Kwong (left) are making art together using materials they collected at a local beach! Eric has recently started attending the Lifestyle Choices program in Moonah, Tasmania, and has enjoyed putting his artistic skills to work on a number of creative projects.



If you have any questions about working at Able Australia, becoming a client, or general queries about our services, please click here!