Able Australia is proud to announce we have been selected as an approved Motor Accidents Insurance Board (MAIB) service provider. As a result, Able will now support MAIB clients with support programs.

MAIB Service Provider

The MAIB is a Tasmanian Government Enterprise (GBE). The objective of the MAIB is to administer the funding and payment of Tasmania’s compulsory third party (CTP) motor accident insurance scheme.

The scheme provides medical and income benefits on a no-fault basis to people injured because of a motor accident while allowing access to common law.

The MAIB pay for a variety of treatment and support services for eligible people who have been involved in a car accident and have been injured.

MAIB assist:

  1. People recovering from or living with injuries that result from motor accidents; and
  2. Families of those fatally injured on Tasmanian roads.

Able will deliver support programs that aim to retrain or assist a person with a range of daily living tasks which a MAIB client is no longer able to undertake due to injury or disability. Able will work with the MAIB client to deliver support as per their individually designed program.

Supporting the MAIB client Able’s will:

  1. Provide support for daily living including assistance with food preparation, toileting, showering and personal hygiene, household management and cleaning.
  2. Support the client to participate in the community including accessing and participating in social and recreational activities, shopping/banking, education and employment.
  3. Provide capacity building – supporting MAIB clients to complete or participate in rehabilitation and capacity building programs or activities.

It is an honour to be selected as a provider by MAIB and we look forward to providing high-quality supports to MAIB clients.