Able Australia’s South Tassie clients and staff recently supported and attended the Ability to Create event in Hobart.

This event held from 27 to 29 July is an all-ability feast for the senses which occupies the first floor of the Hobart Town Hall.

Aaron, George, Craig, Danny, Belinda, Eric, Steve and Aaron, together with Able staff attended workshops and completed a variety of art pieces that were presented during the exhibition collaborating with the coordinators of the event.

The exhibition journey invited attendees to explore 3 unique spaces. Starting in the Futuristic City with Absolutely Everybody VIP, you are then guided into the Launching Pad to be catapulted into the Intergalactic Space Station.

Over 80 artists have participated in this year’s exhibition program guided by four mentor artists Georgia Lucy, Jon Smeathers, Richie Cyngler and Timothy Hodge.

Fantastic work to all who was involved in creating such an amazing event and immersive art experience.

Able would like to thank the ongoing commitment and passion to the project from both the clients involved and the supporting staff – it was a real team effort!

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