Meet our Able Community Visitor Volunteer, Ellice.

As an Able Australia volunteer, Ellice helps to enrich the quality of life of residents of aged care homes who are socially isolated or lonely. Ellice has shared many beautiful memories with the elderly residents living in an Aged Care Facility in Queensland. One memory in particular was when she took her young son with her to a Christmas celebration at the Aged Care Facility. Ellice’s son went up to an elderly man who had minimal physical strength, and grabbed onto his hand. The man was unable to say a word, but smiled and tears rolled down his face.

“I love being a community visitor volunteer because I’m able to make an impact in their (our client’s) world by giving them a friend they can rely on, who celebrates their triumphs and empathises in their heartaches” says Ellice.

We are so grateful for our volunteers who make such an immeasurable positive impact on our client’s lives.

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