On Friday 20 January Able Australia Services, working with the Scenic Rim Regional Council, launched Lasting Letters program for seniors.

Lasting Letters is a fun and free way for Able Australia and the Scenic Rim Regional Council to help reduce social isolation for those over 60 in our community.

It is well recognised that when people, especially Seniors, stay home and do not mix much or be active in the community, there is a negative impact on mental health, and in turn physical health.

This program involves a group of seniors at a local venue writing letters back and forth to another group of seniors at home or in aged care centres.

The group will then meet at least once a month a free workshop, afternoon tea with a talk by a guest speaker, and a letter writing session.

At the launch, the group enjoyed a glass on glass mosaic class with local artist Nika Norman and afternoon tea together.

If you would like to be part of our penpal program, Lasting Letters, we would love to hear from you by calling Rachelle Williams on 0427 211 816 or emailing ALPS@ableaustralia.org.au.

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