To help spread the festive joy this Christmas, we asked our Able Australia donors to donate towards purchasing Christmas presents and hosting festive celebrations for our clients across Australia.

Below are some beautiful photos of our clients Pete and Michael with Able staff Samuel, Michael, Craig, Drew, Michael, Cathy opening up their presents on Christmas day!

We thank our Able donors for helping to create better days, every day for our clients.

Image Description: from left to right, Samuel smiling as he hands over a present in a Christmas bag to Pete in his wheelchair. A photo of Michael sitting in a blue leather chair, holding his gifted clothes. Craig smiling as he holds up a gifted colouring book. Michael sitting in front of his Christmas tree. In front of him is a pavlova. Cathy unwrapping a black handbag. Drew smiling as he unwraps three red wrapped presents. He is sitting on a black leather couch. Samuel handing over a wrapped Christmas present to Michael who is sitting on a black leather armchair.

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