Able Online

Able Online is a new service for Able Day Centre and Residential clients.

We have a range of online sessions via Zoom for you to connect with others in the Able community. Simply register below for the session you would like to attend. Session details are at the bottom of the page.

Once you have registered we will send you an email with all the details to get online and have some fun!

Online Timetable

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About the sessions

Let’s cook!

Love food? Love cooking? Or just want to give it a go.

Join us for an interactive cooking session from the comfort of your home.

Each week we will cook up a storm during the session – creating anything from cakes and and cookies to sausages rolls or pasta. You will have the opportunity to show everyone what you are doing and learn new skills from others along the way.

Finish the session with a cuppa and chat!

Session held every Monday at 2pm.


Community Time

Missing talking to people?

Come to this session ready to say hello to other people at Able. We will have a topic to talk about and everyone can share what they have been doing.

Everyone can participate. We use visuals and gestures to involve people who non-verbal and words to assist those with limited vision. If you are deafblind your Communications Guide can help you join in the fun.

Session held every Tuesday at 10am.



Make a simple instrument and use it to play along. Dance, sing and listen to music.

Session held every Wednesday at 2pm. 


Let’s get active!

We have fun games that encourage everyone to move about and join in. If the weather is good we will do them outside. See which house team does the best!

Finish the session with a drink and a chat!

Session held every Friday at 2pm. 

Further information

For more information on the sessions or if you have any questions, please contact Lucy at