Able Online – Past Event

We have a range of online sessions via Zoom for you to connect with others in the Able community. Below is a list of some of our past events.

Community Time

Missing talking to people?

Come to this session ready to say hello to other people at Able. We will have a topic to talk about and everyone can share what they have been doing.

Everyone can participate. We use visuals and gestures to involve people who non-verbal and words to assist those with limited vision. If you are deafblind your Communications Guide can help you join in the fun.


Make a simple instrument and use it to play along. Dance, sing and listen to music. 

Let’s get active!

We have fun games that encourage everyone to move about and join in. If the weather is good we will do them outside. See which house team does the best!

Finish the session with a drink and a chat!

Upcoming Events

The following events are running over the next few months in Queensland. To find out specific dates, click here for our Queensland Events Calendar. 

Cuppa, Cake, Connect

 A fun program brought to our seniors from Karyn at Therapigs. This group provides pet therapy over a cuppa! It has been proven that the human-animal bond is a mutually beneficial relationship that improves physical, social and emotional wellbeing. This program involves our seniors giving cute guinea pigs a cuddle while enjoying some morning tea. We received beautiful feedback that the seniors light up every time they see the guinea pigs and they thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Able Active

is a health and fitness program for seniors that is beginning at the end of March. Led by accredited Exercise Physiologist Steve Royle, the free, interactive and low impact program is a fun and informative fitness session that will be held in Lowood, Laidley and Gatton. Remaining mobile and active is crucial to the health of older Australian’s and this is sure to be a fun way to exercise.

Communi-Tea Friends

Enjoy and connect with your community, meet new friends and discuss local needs over tea and cake. There will be a different local service provider as guest speaker each month.

For more information or to join these programs, contact Jessy Byrnes on07 5600 0733 or at