10 January 2019.

Sharon, a client of Able Australia, shows resilience and ingenuity when faced with a significant life change.

Mid last year Sharon was given the unfortunate news that her position working at the mail centre had been made redundant after 15 years of service. Disappointed, Sharon and her support worker Kaii began looking for something new for Sharon to do, and a new goal to achieve.

Sharon and Kai decided they would learn how to make natural soaps. The soaps are varied with beautiful scented and unscented options that come professionally packaged in organza gift bags. After finalising the recipe, Sharon put the word out locally about her new soaps and has had some great interest. She has already received 25 orders from people wanting the soap, as well as interest from several market businesses and handmade gift shops wanting to stock and sell the soaps on her behalf.

Sharon gifted some sample bags of the soap to Able Australia CEO Kate MacRae and National Director of Strategy and Engagement Chandi Piefke on their recent visit from Melbourne to the ACT.

“The soaps were beautifully packaged and very pretty. They would make fantastic gifts,” Chandi said.

Well done Sharon!