5 November 2018.

Ablelink is Able Australia’s e-communications program. Ablelink incorporates a drop-in centre, extensive training and state-of-the-art adaptive communication technologies to help clients develop digital literacy skills that help them remain in regular contact with family and friends.

Mobile Muster, an organisation running Australia’s only government accredited mobile phone recycling program, has worked with Able Australia for a number of years to wipe and restore second-hand iPhones for use in the Ablelink program. Following a recent donation organised by Mobile Muster, over a hundred iPhones were donated to clients across Australia and have been used in Ablelink.

One client who received one of the phones is Ross. Ross is an Able client located in Tasmania. He has had phones in the past but they have always been very basic without cameras or special additions. With his new phone, Ross is loving listening to music, taking photos and talking to his sister throughout the week.

With such a large donation, Able Australia was able to share the phones with a range of other service providers who do great work in the community. After seeing the benefits Ross has had after receiving his smartphone, we are thrilled to be able to help others have the same experience.