1 November 2022 will mark the 10 year anniversary of when Ipswich Community Aid became a part of Able Australia!

The Ipswich Community Aid started in 1974 in the wake of the flooding across the region. The Aid started small by supporting the community to rebuild, and eventually grew to support those vulnerable members of the community. ICA was involved and was one of the first organisations to receive funding for Community Visitors Scheme when it was piloted in 1991-2 (30 Years). It also was instrumental in developing what is now the Active Living Program for Seniors at Able.

The team has built our transport services from 6 trips a week to 500 a week. They have also developed a working partnership with Tunstall to deliver personal safety alarms to both seniors and people living with a disability in the community. It has delivered services across a region of 8000 square kilometres.

Well done to our Queensland team for growing our services to what it is today!

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