Centre of Excellence – Deafblind (CoE – DB)

The Centre of Excellence – Deafblind regularly runs training for Able Australia staff and those external to Able to develop knowledge and skills in working with people with deafblindness. Bespoke training packages can be developed to meet your organisations’ needs. Topics we have run training on include:

– Deafblind Awareness
– The impact of blindness on communication
– Early communication development in people born deafblind
– Accessible environments for people with deafblindness
– Tactile communication methods and strategies

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Communication Guide Course

Join our Communication Guide Course co-delivered with Deafblind Victoria! 

When: Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 March 2024
Where: Able Australia National Office (413 Canterbury Rd, Surrey Hills, 3127 VIC)

The course includes:
– What is deafblindness
– Environmental modifications to optimise independence
– Deafblind communication methods and techniques
– Guiding skills
– Technology

The cost for this course is $660 incl GST.

To register or enquire about this course, please email us on

Training – Quick Links

Resources Course

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Guide Training

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Video Interaction
Guidance (VIG)

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National Deafblind
Training Working Group

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