Meet Theo! Theo is an Able Australia client who frequently attends our Day Service.

Previously, Theo didn’t engage in many community activity prior to COVID-19. However, with some help from his Able support workers, Theo is now thriving in the community and engaging in daily activities of his choosing such as trampolining at bounce, bowling, swimming, using public transport, walking in parks, going to cafes and more!

“Theo is a person with good sense of humour. He likes to keep things tidy and in order. I have been supporting Theo for nearly a year.” says Adnan, Theo’s Able Australia Disability Support Worker.

“I have always tried to understand his disability, acknowledged his choice and ensured that he has greater control over his daylong activities. We encourage him to communicate through his iPad app ‘proloquo’. Over the time I have noticed how greater independence has helped him to explore his own interest and joy. A range of programs have been designed based on his choice that includes cooking, shopping, swimming, bowling, exploring city, watching movie, gardening, playing soccer, visiting museum etc. It’s been a rewarding journey to support Theo which gave us the opportunity to learn and excel. “

“Theo feeds off people’s happiness. If you’re happy, he’s happy. He’s kind, genuine, and always willing to try new things. If you give him a chance at life to try new things, he will succeed and succeed again. A very pleasant nature, a very good soul. He is a great humble human being” says Ben, Able Australia Disability Support Worker

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