Joe Monteleone, Able Australia client and accomplished artist created this magnificent linocut artwork of Flinders Street Station.

Joe is deafblind, and has Ushers Syndrome type 1. During the day Joe experiences tunnel vision, and at night, he has no vision at all. Joe does not let that stop him from achieving his life goals and continuing to express himself through art.
“Many people over the years have always told me that I can’t. I can’t do this. I can’t do that. But I’m really determined to overcome the barriers that I face” says Joe.

Joe received a grant from the City of Melbourne to create a Melbourne landmark. Joe chose to create Flinders Street Station as its steps are a well-known meeting place for deafblind people. The artwork involved more than 800 hours of work!

Joe says “creating linocuts isn’t just work for me. I love doing because it’s good for my mental health that keeps me busy and active “

Joe’s artwork was exhibited at Federation Square on 21 January until 5 March 2023. Exhibition partners: City of Melbourne, Fed Square, Boldface: Fine Art Print, Able Australia, and Arts Access Victoria

Joe is selling this beautiful piece. If you are interested in purchasing, please contact Joe at

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