17 September 2018.

Each year, Able clients set goals with the help of their support networks and plans are put in place to help bring these goals to life. In his planning meeting this year, Able client Michael set the goal of going on a holiday.

Throughout the year, Able supported Michael to plan and prepare, helping him choose a destination, organise dates, and make sure the holiday was everything he hoped. When the time came and everything was organised, Michael packed his bags and was joined by two Able support workers to travel north to the riverside town of East Devonport. The two-night getaway was filled with chocolate and cheese tasting, dinners at the pub, sightseeing and even watching the Spirit of Tasmania set off on its own journey.

Michael achieved his goal with a huge amount of fun along the way. From riding the Don River Railway and jumping into a Go Kart at Kart Magic, to exploring the Tasmanian Aboretum and visiting the Bass Strait Maritime Centre, Michael was smiling ear-to-ear for the entire trip.

Congratulations Michael – for achieving your goals, and for having a great trip!