As an Art Therapist, Victoria’s role is based around working with clients, either in a group or one-on-one setting, with art materials in a therapeutically-minded way. Victoria facilitates group art therapy sessions at our new Northcote Day Centre and is curating 2020 Able Art.

Whilst we haven’t been able to run our art therapy sessions due to COVID-19 restrictions, Victoria has been focusing on the our upcoming Able Art Exhibition later this year.

We asked Victoria a few questions about art therapy and how it supports our clients….

How do you assist our clients?

“Each client is individual and have an extremely vast range of abilities, therefore my support changes with each client.

My work with clients can range from skill building and finding new and innovative ways for clients to engage with art making as a hobby or leisure activity. Some clients prefer to use their art practise to explore emotions and memories. This can help improve self-expression and understanding of their emotions.”

Below is an image of our Art Room at our Northcote Day Centre where Victoria works with some of our clients.

What do you like most about being an Art Therapist at Able Australia?

“I love working as an Art Therapist at Able as I am able to be very adaptive in my work. I enjoy finding creative solutions and working with clients to find new ways for them to be creative that suits them and their abilities. I also love being with the clients and experiencing the joy that being creative, playful and expressive can bring.”

What arts mediums do our clients use for art therapy and why?

“Our clients have access to mediums such as paint, clay, drawing materials, coloured and textured paper and other sculptural materials. Our clients also have access to sensory toys, and while not considered art mediums, can be used for creative expression such as puzzles and other sensory items.

The choice of art materials can depend on what the client would like to use, their abilities and what their goals for therapy are. I work with some clients who have a very established art practice and know exactly what mediums they like to work with. While others enjoy exploring different things all the time and the choice of art materials can be based on how they are feeling that day.

It can also be informed by the expressive therapies continuum which looks at ways in which different art materials can affect how we are feeling and where we are in terms of heightened emotions. Through this process, we can use art materials to either comfort our clients, or help them to feel more expressive and animated depending on what they need.”

Why do you think our clients love art therapy?

“I think that creating art gives people a sense of accomplishment as well as being fun and enjoyable on a base level. I love art-making as it is extremely accessible and anyone, no matter what their ability is, can enjoy art-making. I tried to create an understanding in the art therapy room that no kind of art or art-making is incorrect or wrong, and that everyone deserves to try whatever they like.”

Below are some images of beautiful artwork created by our clients for our Able Art Exhibition in 2019. To view the stunning pieces from this years Exhibition visit, please click here!