Karen and Jeffery are two of our wonderful clients that live at one of Able’s resident homes in Tasmania. With the help of their support workers, Karen, Jeffery and their co-residents work together to water, weed and nurture their veggie patch and fruit trees in their back garden.

This year, the crop is abundant with a huge variety of fruit trees and fresh vegetables which are eaten most days by our clients. Over the cooler months, staff stew the fruit so that the clients can have it on their breakfast each morning.

Soon, our clients and their support workers hope to add some chooks to the family as part of a learning experience for our clients. With the support from staff, Karen, Jeffery and their co-residents will take part in feeding, cleaning, caring and gathering eggs.

Their garden also includes a beautiful mural on the brick wall. This was made by a young man who volunteered his time to create this lovely artwork for our clients. The clients and staff thoroughly enjoy the gardens – more about eating it!

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