William was born on the 4th of September 1947. He spent most of his childhood with his living parents and siblings.

In 2000, William moved into a Able Supported Home in Andrew Street which he shared with 3 other gentlemen. His family visited regularly and they treated the staff and other clients at the house as a part of their family.

William lived at Andrew Street until he sadly passed away last year (2019). At his funeral, Williams’s family requested donations to be made to the Andrew Street house instead of gifting flowers. With the donations, a garden seat was purchased with a plaque saying “In loving memory of Billy” which sits in the backyard where William liked to spend lots of his time.

William’s family were invited to the Andrew Street Christmas party late last year to see the garden seat. There were many tears and fond memories shared and his family took some family photos sitting on the seat.

William had a big impact on people’s lives and is sadly missed. William’s sister, Leslie, still calls in to the house now and then to drop of cakes for the residents.

Our clients are like family. We strive to provide the best quality support for our amazing clients such as William.

Rest In Peace.