Meet Amara


Meet Amara. Amara is 31 years old, and lives in a home provided by disability support provider, Able Australia.

With the help of Able support workers, Amara attends all her favourite activities including drama, inclusive music theatre, horse riding, creative arts and more!

Amara loves living in the home with her three housemates, which are like family.

Able Australia has been providing disability support for clients like Amara for over 50 years, and is committed to empowering the individuals we support to live they life they choose. We offer many services, such as day programs, community participation, deafblind services, community and transport services for seniors, and supported independent living homes.

Whether our clients are in their own home or one managed by Able, we support them to live as independently as possible. By getting to know and understand our clients interests, likes/dislikes and goals for the future, we can map out the best possible programs to support them at home. Our flexible, highly-skilled staff support people with disability to reach your full potential and enjoy a fulfilling home life.

With your support, we want to provide more clients like Amara a home where they can feel independent and happy. 

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