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The aged care system is not equipped to meet the emotional and social needs of younger people with disability. With the help of generous people like you, Able Australia is addressing this problem.

More than 6,000 young people with a disability live in Australian residential aged care facilities because there is a significant gap in suitable housing for people with disability.

This is Amara. She lives with three other housemates at one of Able Australia’s Supported Independent Living homes. This home features a fully accessible kitchen and bathroom. Our 24 hour staff support Amara to live with independence, and she loves her regular activities including music theatre classes, craft activities and horseriding.

She happily exclaims, “I like my home very much! I like all the staff and I like my housemates!”

NDIS Provider, Interpreter, Deafblind

Tactile Communication

Imagine walking out of your front door and not being able to see the footpath, or hear what’s happening on the street. Deafblindness is the combination of hearing and vision impairment.

Established over 50 years ago as a provider of supports to the deafblind community, Able Australia are experts in deafblindness. Our Centre of Excellence in Deafblindness undertakes research, partnering with universities and people with deafblindness, to look at best practice in working with people who are both deaf and blind.

Cathy, who is deafblind, has some challenges communicating with others, as well as with everyday activities like physically navigating her environment, and accessing information that some of us take for granted.

Assistive technology (like hearing aids, wheelchairs and screenreaders) provides a major opportunity to promote independence in the daily lives of people with disability


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