On 17 March, Able Australia client, Jonathon reached one of his biggest goals – seeing a film at the cinema.

Jonathon attends our Able East Day Service in Melbourne.

“Today was a very special day working with Jonathan –  it was a day that we achieved a massive goal” says Ben, Jonathan’s Able Disability Support Worker.

“For so long I’ve been working with Jonathan. I’ve been told by many people to “never take him to a cinema. That it will never work. He’s not capable of sitting still. He’s not capable of enjoying or understanding it”. Today, they were proved wrong!”.

When Ben told Jonathon that they were going to the cinema that day, Jonathon said “Cinema cinema I can’t wait to go to cinema!”

Jonathon and Ben arrived IMAX theatre in Melbourne, the biggest theatre in the southern hemisphere – go big or go home!

As soon as they arrived, Jonathon said “Happy Jonathan. Very happy”.

The pair enjoyed the movie experience thoroughly. “Today was a very fun day” says Ben. “We both had a lot of fun moments together. Jonathan was very interactive and we can’t wait to do this more in the future”

Able Australia works to support our clients like Ben to achieve their goals. Learn more about our day programs here.

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