In loving memory of Patience (Pat) Harris.
Pat was born in March 1928 and sadly passed away in January 2020.
Pat worked most of her life for the Post Master General (PMG) as a telecommunication officer and seemed to love working night duty. She was a great reader, and in quiet times at night, she would enjoy reading.
Pat was a quiet living, kind, single lady whose life revolved around her two dogs and two cats – they were her family. All her pets seemed to live long lives as they were so well cared for. Her Pomeranian dog lived to 23 years of age! If one happened to pass away, Pat would visit the Animal Aid to replace her lost friend very soon after. She always had 2 cats and 2 dogs.
Pat loved to cook and was well known for her homemade jams (with a record 1187 jars one year), Christmas puddings and cakes. Pat would donate her baked goods and jams to charities for the people in need.
Having a friend whose daughter had cerebral palsy, Pat had seen the challenges of people living with disability and the struggles faced by their carers. Pat’s life was one of caring for others, particularly those disadvantaged and sharing what she had to give others a better life.
Pat Harris kindly left a generous gift in her Will to Able Australia. We are so thankful for Pat’s kindness and ongoing support, and we extend our deepest sympathies to her family.
Pats contribution will help us to continue to provide better days, every day for our clients with disability, which we are truly appreciative for.
If you’d like to learn more about leaving a gift to Able Australia, please click here.