In celebration of Grandparents Day on the 25th of October, we held a contest for grandparents across Australia called My Grand Hero Awards. Our Queensland Community Project Manager, Jessy Byrnes, and the Able Queensland team held this contest to help put a smile on grandparent’s faces by recognising all the Grand Heroes out there.

We asked grandparents to share with us a photo, and explain what it means to them to be a grandparent. Participants have a chance of winning a luxury hamper!

Nominations are now closed. The winners will be announced on the 25th of October 2020.

Below are a few entries from some amazing grandparents!

“I couldn’t resist sending this picture. It was taken last year in Perth when I was able to visit my youngest son and his family. I was teaching my Granddaughter – Cleo 10 – to play Cats Cradle – a game I learned many years ago as a child no older than she is – we kept getting ourselves into quite a muddle, hence the laughter. Such simple pleasures but so rewarding – I hope I will be able to visit them again one day soon.” – Teresa Hauff


“As the years went by our life as parents now gave us the wonderful new experience of being grandparents. Both daughters have two sons. Wow, what a change from two little girls to four bumbly boys, separated by approximately three years. All my grandsons have a special job to help me. Steven is my computer master. Cameron, as a carpenter is my fix it man, Spencer is my footy tipping assistant and Sam is the cuddle expert. When he was six, he said “ Nanny, open up that floppy neck and let me kiss it” well I laughed, with tears running down my cheeks. And just recently, due to the virus, he decided to put a huge plastic bag over himself and then proceeded to cuddle me.  How lucky I am to be a grandmother, the love I receive is so beautiful. I know my boys will be there when I need them. I hope in turn, in the far off time, they will enjoy being a grandparent, and I also hope they will remember and relate what they did as grandchildren. So, as I am, I am sure all grandparents are just longing for the day when we can cuddle our grandchildren again.” – Gaie Maddock


“This is a photo of me with all 14 of my grandchildren arranged in order ofage, last Christmas. They are from four different families. I adore being Grandma to such a great bunch of young people. Aged now 18 years down to twelve months. There is a set of triplets which boosted the numbers! I have a good relationship with each and every child and find ways to have one on one time with each one.” – June Hopkins


“So, what does being a grandparent mean to us?  It means being there for our grandchildrenwhenever they may need us.  Our photo albums are full of wonderful times…one such photo is of Luc presenting me with a funny knitted cap on mother’s day when he was about five years old, and the joy on his face as I put it on my head.  His grandad was always teasing him about what his birthday presents were, and he would always say….a bag of worms.  Luc somehow found a big ceramic worm, and had great fun in presenting it to grandad as his birthday present !!!!

We believe the photos tell the story of what it means for us to be grandparents. We have hundreds of photos of birthdays, christenings, family gatherings, and in many photos, there is Bob and I standing proudly around our children and grandchildren.  So for us, it is an honour to be a grandparent, and for our grandchildren to let us into their lives, and be part of their future.” – Moira Christensen