16 May 2019.

Able Australia has received an exciting visit from Bostik Australia!

After contacting Bostik to let them know about the incredible ways their Blu Tack product is used in our art therapy sessions, they wanted to come down and see it for themselves.

Accompanied by stunning pieces of work that have been created with Blu Tack, Emily Walters explained her role as Able’s art therapist, and gave the Bostik team a firsthand look into how the Blu Tack is often used in the sessions. It was also a great opportunity to discuss the overall benefits of art therapy, including its role in increasing independence and confidence.

It was fantastic to be able to show Bostik the alternative ways people are using their product, and at the end of Emily’s presentation, they even made the very generous offer of ensuring we had a continuous supply of Blu Tack for as long as we needed it.

It has been a great experience to share our work with Bostik and we are extremely excited for them to be a part of our Deafblind Awareness Week activities this June.