To bring a little fun to mundane life of social isolation, Able Australia hosted scone-baking Zoom sessions for our clients in supported homes, with a focus on Victoria and Tasmania!

This light-hearted activity encouraged clients to get involved in various ways to bake some delicious scones. This included searching online and choosing a tasty recipe, making an ingredient list, measuring, mixing and stirring the ingredients, timing the cooking and eating the delicious scones at the end!

We hosted scone-baking Zoom sessions on the 28th of May. This was a great opportunity for clients to show off their scones, make them live on the call and connect with people outside of their home.

All of the clients who participated added their own unique touch to their scone creation.

Two of our lovely clients, Jenny and Jan, searched on google for the perfect recipe, and decided on making lemonade scones and cheese scones. Jenny enjoyed mixing the scones with her gloved hands and using a scone cutter. She likes getting messy! The zoom session gave Jenny a chance to put her newly acquired iPad to use too – a valuable skill.

In one of our homes, our incredible clients made scrumptious sultana scones. They baked two batches, agreeing that with the second batch tasted much better. Practise makes perfect!

Some homes baked their scones prior to the Zoom call and were able to enjoy their delicious afternoon tea and give everyone a taste review! Our clients and Able staff in one of our Tasmanian supported homes had a cup of tea and their scones for afternoon tea with jam. Clients, David and Steven’s favourite jam is raspberry and Steven’s mum used to make jam herself!

In the second Zoom session of the day, clients and staff from two resident homes in Victoria battled the bake-off live at the same time!

Clients Patty and Amara made traditional scones from scratch whilst we watched.  Amara wore her pineapple apron made by her Mum!

In another house, Robert showed us how to mix the ingredient and lay out the scones.

Using their creativity, clients in one of our Melbourne homes added lots of veggies in their scones making them very colourful and delicious and discussed what they could bake next!

Congratulations to all of our clients who participated and showed off their amazing baking and creative skills! Clients have told us they really enjoyed this activity, from making decisions about what to bake, right down to tasting the end results. Client also found great value in connecting via the use of technology, and it was a great team building exercise.

Watch this space for more to come!

For more information, please contact Brydie Quinn on 03 9046 0539 or on

Below are some lovely photos of some of our clients with their delicious scones!