Clients with complex needs and multiple diagnoses often present with behaviour support needs, after putting themselves or others at risk of harm. We believe that these clients need a different approach in supporting them to live their best lives. Positive Behaviour Support is a well evidenced practice that has been utilised within the disability sector for decades. The aim is to uncover the reason behind a behaviour and assist families and staff with strategies, skills and different ways of engaging clients.

We recently had a client, *Trent, who would scream and dig his nails into support workers for unknown reasons. By looking deeper and understanding what was happening for Trent, we discovered that he had difficulties with his vision, and found it frightening and limiting in his daily life. Our team is currently developing ways to support Trent to deal with scary situations that he experiences every time he goes out into public or is asked to do a new task, including understanding more about his vision. Able Australia team member,

Phoebe Wells says that the greatest benefit of taking a Positive Behaviour Support approach is “having an extra person advocating in the best interest of clients to increase their independence and quality of life” With the success of

Able’s Positive Support Services in Victoria and Tasmania, Able has now introduced the service in Queensland. Able is also training others at Able in the benefit and principles of a positive behaviour approach to best support our clients and ensure that we work to the highest and most current quality of care.

*client name has been changed for privacy reasons

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