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Individualised Supported Living (ISL)

Centre of Excellence – Deafblind (CoE – DB)

Partners: University of Melbourne, Araluen


The Individualised Supported Living (ISL) framework was developed alongside people with disabilities and their families. The ISL framework was created to determine individualised living situations for people with disability that work for them. There are various models of ISL, such as living alone, co-residency, host/family arrangements and relationships.

The ISL project, in partnership with the University of Melbourne and Araluen, aimed to develop a training package, teaching people who work in the disability sector to be able to undertake an ISL assessment. The training involved 7 trainees participating in an 8 week course, with approximately 40 hours of work.


  • Click here to view the Research Report: Setting True North: Evaluation of the Individualised Supported Living Professional Development Program.

  • Presentation at National Deafblind Conference, June 2022

  • Poster at Virtual Disability Conference, September 2022

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the team on deafblind@ableaustralia.org.au

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