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Inclusive Health Communication in Specialist Disability Accommodation

Centre of Excellence – Deafblind (CoE – DB)

Partners: Deakin Universtiy


This project is analysing how residents living in Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) access health information – specifically in relation to communicable diseases such as COVID-19.The project also aims to identify any challenges or improvements to information accessibility that could be made in group homes.

There are three data collection phases involved in the project:

1. Staff interviews: These include interviews with residents and SDA support workers to establish current practice concerns.

2. Virtual house tours: For each SDA, a member of staff familiar with the environment (e.g. a support worker or house manager) will complete a guided tour of the accommodation via video with researchers. This will observe resident and support workers engagement with COVID-19 public health information, and the communication strategies used to relay this information to residents.

3. Delphi study: A modified e-Delphi study with a sample of key stakeholders, including representatives from SDA service providers and relevant consumer advocacy organisations, to establish a consensus around key communication priorities and recommended practices.


Click here to view the Final Project Report

Presentation at Inclusive Health Communication Symposium, Deakin University, December 2022

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the team on deafblind@ableaustralia.org.au

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