Each year Able Australia hosts our annual art exhibition – Able Art. Able Art is one way that we celebrate and share the incredible talents and achievements of our clients. In last year’s exhibition, we had two masterpieces that were created in a group effort, which was so wonderful to see.

Firstly, we had an amazing intricate mosaic created by 16 of our Tasmanian clients. The clients were very involved in the process from design through to helping place the tiles and then completing the task. They were so proud of their accomplishments and loved showing off the masterpiece to everyone.

In addition, another group of our talented Tasmanian clients created a beautiful mobile with the help of Able staff. This amazing bright coloured 3D mobile was the result of a collaboration of 9 of our clients. The artwork took three months to complete and was made out of egg cartons that were donated by friends and family. The clients enjoyed choosing their colours and the end result is amazing.

Well done to our clients who continue to express themselves through art and create beautiful artwork for everyone to appreciate.

Below are photos of our clients who collaborated on the mosaic table.

Below are some photos of our clients creating the beautiful mobile.

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