7 October 2019.

Meet Francis! Francis is a much loved client at Able Australia. He has lived and breathed the Richmond FC his whole life.

Growing up, when his Tigers guernsey was washed, he would sit under it on the line waiting for it to dry. Throughout the season, Francis has tried to get to as many games as he can. His favourite player is Jack Riewoldt. Every day, he stands in front of his fixture, talking about what’s happening next, and making sure all that visit the house know how the Tiges are doing.

Like many of our clients here at Able, Francis is a certified footy fanatic. In October of 2019, Francis got to see his Mighty Tigers defeat the Greater Western Sydney Giants in a triumphant win at the Melbounrne Cricket Ground all thanks to a generous donation of two tickets from a donor. After a call went out to try find tickets for Francis and a Able support worker to join him at the start of the week with no luck, we were thrilled when the kind donation came in just one day before the big game. Francis relived the highlights back at home, beaming with excitement. We are so grateful for our amazing donors who continue to put a smile on our clients faces.