Disability Pride Month

Disability Pride Month happens every year in July to promote awareness, celebrate people with disability and encourages self-acceptance and embracing all disabilities.

The Disability Pride Month has its own flag, with its own meaning behind it. The five colours represent:
• Green – Invisible and undiagnosed disabilities
• Blue – Mental illness
• White – Sensory disabilities
• Yellow – Neurodiversity and development disabilities
• Red – Physical disabilities

The diagonal line represents the cutting though the barriers people with disabilities face. The black background which represents the people with disabilities who have died due to ableism, violence, negligence, suicide, illness, and any other reason.

How can you play your part in advocating for people with disability?
• Listen to what people with disability have to say
• Stand up for what is right – when you hear someone harassing and bullying a person with a disability, stand up and stop it
• Stop making assumptions about people with disability and what they can and can’t do
• Ask questions respectfully – do not be afraid to ask a question but please be respectful

Our campaign ‘Just Like You’ focuses on disability advocacy and pride. Learn more about it by clicking the button below.

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