Due to popular demand, the baking Zoom sessions have continued for our clients in supported homes in Victoria and Tasmania! A few of our clients suggested that this time, clients and their Support Workers make slices.
Each home made a different type of slice, and all seemed to agree that after taste testing, that they were all a yummy success!

One home in Melbourne made two types of slices – a Maltese slice in the morning, and a peanut butter slice in the afternoon. Client Peter, did a great job in mixing the ingredients and showing us the icing for their slice. Able Support Worker Bianca, assisted clients in cutting up their Maltese slice as their lemon slice was setting in the fridge. The clients and staff agreed that the Maltese slice was delicious, and was completely gone by the end of the Zoom session – with lots of chocolate covered faces as well! Some clients even having a dance party while enjoying their slice creation.

Another home made a peanut butter slice which was also all eaten by the end of the session! Clients rated their slice a 10/10.

One of our clients Patty, decided to make a chocolate cake instead. Patty enjoyed mixing the ingredients and chatting with everyone on Zoom as it baked in the oven.

A few of our clients enjoyed a cup of tea and their slice as they introduced themselves to everyone on Zoom – a great way to socially connect with others during these unique times.

In the Zoom session for clients in Tasmania, Able Area Manager Louise, joined in by baking beetroot and zucchini chocolate slice. Louise had everyone laughing with her very ‘freestyle’ baking skills!

Craig, one of our Tasmanian clients, did a fantastic job in baking some yummy banana bread!

Well done to all our clients to joined in and displayed more of their amazing baking skills!

Next time, our clients want to bake a cake. Make sure to watch this space to learn about our clients next baking adventures!