While many of us may be familiar with service dogs, a mum in Tasmania has thought outside the square to provide a different array of service animals for her son who is a wheelchair user and other clients in Able’s Tasmanian community and beyond. She started with a cow and has since extended her ‘cow therapy’ to chickens, goats, ducks, horses and sheep.

The Able clients are loving the immersive experience of animal therapy each week. They have the opportunity to feed, pat, talk with and receive much unconditional love from these gorgeous creatures. The farm is very person-centred, as clients have the opportunity to fully engage with the animals, or see them in a drive-by session for those who do not want to get out of the car.

Able client, Aaron, attends our Day Service in Tasmania and loves going to the Animal Farm. Aaron has set a goal for himself about helping others…
“During a recent visit to an animal farm, in Hobart, Aaron was helping the farm owner to get the feed out. Aaron loves to be helpful. That is how he connects with people. Aaron had been to the farm once before this visit, so he was excited to show me, Jasper, the dog, they walked around together, and Aaron loved giving him treats,”Maria Thomas, Disability Support Worker, Able Australia Tasmania.

We are so glad our clients are loving this experience, and we thank all those whom were involved in creating this lovely farm.

Below are some images of clients and staff at the farm!

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