22 May 2018.

As part of the inaugural 2018 Yarra Trams Community Partnerships program in Victoria, Able client Cathy Staughton was given the honour of having her artwork featured on one of Melbourne’s trams.

Through a partnership between Yarra Trams and Arts Project Australia, Cathy is one of two artists who currently have their artwork adorning a Melbourne tram, travelling routes 48 and 109. Cathy’s art is well known in the community and nationally, and now her distinctive style will be featured around Melbourne city through the tram network.Cathy’s tram displays a painting of St Kilda’s Luna Park. According to Cathy, it is one of her favourite icons to paint, partly because it connects her to her childhood memories. Cathy tapped into her artistic talent with the support of Able Australia. Since then, Arts Project Australia has supported Cathy to practice, exhibit and sell her artwork, while connecting Cathy with the contemporary art scene at a local and national level. “I’m excited about the Luna Park tram,” Cathy said about the experience. “It’s a good tram, it’s lovely and the picture came from a good dream I had.” The Yarra Trams Community Partnerships Program offers $1 million of in-kind advertising space to Melbourne based community organisations, taking in applications from any organisation which makes a significant contribution to diversity and inclusion in Melbourne. View the 7 News report about Cathy’s artwork here:https://www.facebook.com/7NewsMelbourne/videos/10156593878664301/ In June, Cathy and artistic muse Catherine Bell appeared on ABC Radio National to speak with producer Alice Walker about Cathy’s artistic career. The interview gave great insight into Cathy’s process and working relationship with Catherine. Read more here.

Image courtesy of Arts Project Australia and Yarra Trams.