20 March 2019.

Gary Daly is the Special Projects Coordinator at Able Australia and Secretary at Deafblind International, an organisation focused on the needs of individuals who are deafblind, their families and the professionals who provide services to deafblind people.

In Nairobi, Kenya earlier this month, Gary attended the Deafblind International (DbI) Management Committee where challenges facing deafblind people around the world were discussed.

Able Australia will be hosting the 17th Deafblind International World Conference in August. The conference will be held on the sunny Gold Coast and features some incredible guest speakers giving their individual expertise on a number of topics relating to deafblindness. To view more information, visit our conference website.

The Deafblind International Conferences are integral in encouraging the development of networks, opportunities and learning for the benefit of deafblind people. These conferences provide a channel that facilitates communication between deafblind people, families, professionals, organisations in the field and the wider community while improving and promoting education and opportunities for deafblind people.

By encouraging research, development and training, the quality of services for deafblind people are promoted and improved. We look forward to hosting the 17th International Deafblind Conference with the key themes of accessibility, communication and technology. To register your attendance at the conference, please click here.